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2020 Mid-Year Board Meeting Recap

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Jun 22, 2020, 6:59 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. - US Equestrian hosted a virtual 2020 Mid-Year Board Meeting from June 23-24, 2020. Please find major updates and information from the Mid-Year Board Meeting outline below. 

Membership and Horse Recording Fees
The Board of Directors voted not to refund membership or horse recording fees or to extend the term of membership or horse recording for 2020. Although USEF-licensed competitions were interrupted for 11 weeks, the organization’s operations continued uninterrupted throughout this period as our staff continued to provide member services and worked tirelessly to develop and implement a plan for a safe return to competition.

Junior Year Reinstatement
While the Board of Directors recognized the disappointment that some equestrians in their final junior year may be experiencing resulting from event cancellations, the decision was made not to extend junior member status for members currently in their 17-year-old year. Extending the junior member status for some competitors would have a ripple effect across all junior age groups, and the Board of Directors determined that there is not a way to compensate for the abbreviated 2020 season for juniors without creating unequal opportunities in upcoming years.

Horse of the Year Points & Awards
The Board of Directors voted to continue operation of the 2020 USEF Horse of the Year (HOTY) program without any changes. Similar to other sports that have faced shortened seasons due to various reasons, USEF will include a notation in our records to indicate that the 2020 competition season was interrupted due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our members appreciate the HOTY program and understand the challenges our sport is facing this year.

Approved Major Rule Changes
GR845.6 - Accident Preparedness Plan: All competitions must have in place, prior to the start of the competition, an accident preparedness plan and isolation protocol for horses on-site who show signs and/or symptoms of a potentially infectious disease. Competitions must report any horse identified as showing symptoms of infectious disease to the Chief Administrator of the Drugs & Medication Program within 24 hours of symptoms being observed. This applies to horses being placed into isolation at the competition or any that depart the competition to receive treatment for a potentially infectious disease.

GR1131 - Hunter & Equitation Divisions: In order for the USHJA Green Hunter Incentive to count towards the points and money won HOTY categories for the Green Hunter section, a horse must compete in the Green Hunter section at least three (3) times during the competition year.

HJ127 - Required Measurements: A horse or pony being measured for hunter/jumper competition must do so each competition year until it reaches the age of six (6), when it will receive a Standard Measurement card. Horses and ponies five (5) and under will be issued a Temporary Measurement card with the designated year of measurement. If a horse or pony is being measured for the first time at the age of six (6), they do not require a secondary measurement. The Board of Directors recognized the need to provide a check and balance to the measurement system and supported the implementation of Federation Measurement Verification at major championships, finals and events.