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US Equestrian could not achieve its mission without the 2,200 licensed officials who facilitate each of the 2,500 licensed competitions. Founded in the spirit of fair play and the wellbeing of our equine athletes, US Equestrian officials and managers take seriously the role they play within the National Governing Body for equestrian sport.

All officials and managers must hold current senior competing membership and meet all licensing requirements required to conduct US Equestrian competitions. This broad network of knowledgeable individuals is tasked with understanding and enforcing the rules and regulations, as well as the subsequent rulings and findings that impact all US Equestrian competitions and competitors’ eligibility to compete.

It is with the support of these dedicated individuals that US Equestrian continues to provide leadership and oversight of the sport.

Forms and Publications

Resolution of the Board Regarding 2023 Competition Calendar in California

2023 California Hunter, Jumper, Hunter/Jumper Calendar Policies and Procedures

Resolution of the Board to Modify GR315 For Purposes of Reviewing First Trimester 2023 Competitions in Florida

Resolution of the Board to Modify GR315

USEF Horse/Pony Measurement Form

USEF Horse/Pony Measurement Form


US Equestrian provides comprehensive resources and information to equestrian competitors, event organizers, and licensed officials.