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Ensuring the safety of competitors and horses at US Equestrian Competitions is a top priority of US Equestrian.  Below you will find tools available for use by US Equestrian Competition Management.  Rules regarding competition safety can be found in US Equestrian Rule Book Chapter GR8.


EHV-1 Information


In an effort to mitigate the risk of further spread of EHV-1, the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has issued an Extension of Recommended Caution for California Equine Events. The California State Veterinarian recommends that all equine events of any discipline continue to be postponed through March 31, and all non-essential horse movements also be postponed at least through March 31. 

In line with this extension, USEF-licensed competitions in California scheduled to take place during this window have taken the following actions:

  • March 26-27    Dressage at Southern California Equestrian    Cancelled
  • March 24-27    Rancho California AHA Annual Spring    Postponed until June
  • March 31-April 3    Galway Downs International Horse Trials    Requested FEI approval to move to April 1-3

USEF has implemented a return-to-competition protocol that applies to any horse that has been on the Desert International Horse Park (DIHP) or Rancho Murieta showgrounds, or any horse that has been exposed to a horse confirmed positive for EHV-1 off competition grounds in the past 14 days. This will allow the horse to be released from the EHV-1 Ineligibility List.

Return to competition declaration forms are now available, as affected competitors begin preparing to compete again.  Please complete both forms and follow the return to competition protocols:

USEF EHV-1 Return to Competition Declaration and Testing Result Form to be submitted online to USEF along with evidence of negative test results to remove horses from the ineligibility list.

USEF Competition EHV-1 Declaration Form is available for all competitors to complete at competition grounds when they arrive at a show.

These documents will be required under the return to competition protocol in order to get a horse’s ineligibility status lifted.

FEI Return to Competition Protocols

In order for an affected horse to return to FEI competition, the following requirements must be met:

  • FEI horses MUST have a negative EHV-1 PCR test to return to competition
  • Two negative PCR tests within 14 days, one at Day 7 and one at Day 14
  • One negative PCR test within 21 days, at Day 21

USEF Return to (National) Competition Protocols

In order for an affected horse to return to USEF (National) competition, the following requirements must be met:

  • Two negative PCR tests within 14 days, one at Day 7 and one at Day 14
  • One negative PCR test within 21 days, at Day 21
  • 28 days without a test, if the horse has been isolated for a minimum of 28 days

It is critical that everyone follow biosecurity protocols in order for this situation to improve. Please note that the USEF protocols for testing to return to competition may be more extensive than those of the CDFA.

Additional EHV Releases:

If you have questions on the USEF protocols, please email USEF at [email protected]. For additional information, please refer to the California Department of Food and Agriculture and Equine Disease Communication Center websites.




Licensed Competitions COVID-19 Toolkit for Competition Organizers & Participants - updated 12/09/22

includes the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan for USEF-Licensed Competitions


Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events

Equine Disease Communications Center

Concussion Safety Poster

Drugs and Medications Guidelines Booklet

Fire Safety Information

Additional Resources

Isolation Protocol Template

Isolation Protocol Template

Sample Incident Response Manual for Competition Management

A guide designed to provide general guidelines for managing serious incidents in the unfortunate event that one occurs at a US Equestrian Licensed Competition for US Equestrian Competition Management.

Isolation Protocol Supplies List

In the event of an incident which requires activation of an Isolation Protocol, this checklist may be used to track the acquisition and location of each suggested item.

Temperature Log