Latest COVID-19 Updates from US Equestrian can be found on the Coronavirus Disease Resources and Updates page.

Ensuring the safety of competitors and horses at US Equestrian Competitions is a top priority of US Equestrian.  Below you will find tools available for use by US Equestrian Competition Management.  Rules regarding competition safety can be found in US Equestrian Rule Book Chapter GR8.


Licensed Competitions COVID-19 Toolkit for Competition Organizers & Participants - updated 05/18/2021

includes the USEF COVID-19 Action Plan for USEF-Licensed Competitions


Biosecurity Toolkit for Equine Events

Equine Disease Communications Center

Concussion Safety Poster

Drugs and Medications Guidelines Booklet

Fire Safety Information

Additional Resources

Isolation Protocol Template

Isolation Protocol Template

Sample Incident Response Manual for Competition Management

A guide designed to provide general guidelines for managing serious incidents in the unfortunate event that one occurs at a US Equestrian Licensed Competition for US Equestrian Competition Management.

Isolation Protocol Supplies List

In the event of an incident which requires activation of an Isolation Protocol, this checklist may be used to track the acquisition and location of each suggested item.