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Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Outbreak Updates (effective 9.1.2023)
Nominations are now open for USEF Independent Director. (Nominations close 9/30/2023.)

Licensed Officials News

  • Starting April 1, 2023, foreign FEI officials will be required to be compliant with the USEF Safe Sport Policy if they officiate in national classes more than once within a 12-month period.
  • Read more about the Prevention of Manipulation of Competition Policy and how manipulating performance in the Competition arena effects sportsmanship here.
  • Starting January 1, 2019, all Federation Licensed Officials, US FEI Officials, FEI applicants and Guest Officials must be compliant with the Federation's Safe Sport Policy by completing the Safe Sport Training and a criminal background check with the Federation. Members may access the training and background check through their My USEF Dashboard. To view your dashboard, log in to your USEF account and click on the respective tiles to access the correct webpages. 

What are licensed officials? 

Watch this Learning Center video to learn about the different types of officials and their education requirements. 

Are you interested in becoming a licensed official? 

For more information on how to apply for a license, please scroll down and click the "Become Licensed" tile. 

Do you have licensed official questions?

Please email [email protected] to reach the USEF Licensed Officials Department. 

Forms and Publications

Licensed Officials Policies and Procedures - Clean

Updated June 21, 2023 - Version 6.3

Licensed Officials Policies and Procedures - Marked Up

Updated June 21, 2023 - Version 6.3

Licensed Official Fees

Fee schedule for licensed official related items.

Licensed Officials Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics policy for all USEF licensed officials.

Licensed Officials Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy to provide guidance for licensed officials.

Evidence Gathering Guidelines

These guidelines were established to assist USEF Licensed Officials with ensuring the information and evidence collated at a competition will be of value not only throughout an investigation but also within any formal proceedings.

Extension/Reinstatement Request Form

Complete this form if you did not attend a clinic in the year you were due or have not officiated the required number of competitions to renew your license. This form is reviewed and if approved gives you an additional competition year to meet requirements.

Confidential Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluation Form

The online evaluation form is available for members to evaluate the quality and competence of Federation licensed officials, as well as licensed competitions.

Licensing of Officials: Background, Process & Resources

This PowerPoint reviews the background and process behind how/why USEF licenses officials, requirements to become licensed and maintain that license, ethics, and additional resources.

International Jumping Officials Club (IJOC)

IJOC informative PDF powerpoint- "Opportunity to grow as an Official"


Discover more about becoming a licensed official