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Application Deadlines

Deadlines for submitting applications for review by the Licensed Officials Committee

  • January 2019 meeting - Deadline October 9, 2018
  • April 2019 meeting - Deadline February 11, 2019
  • August 2019 meeting - Deadline June 10, 2019

Licensed Officials Questions?

Forms and Publications

Licensed Officials Policies and Procedures

Licensing requirements for license applications, enrollments, promotions, and maintenance.


FEI Permitted Equine Therapist Information and Application Process

Conflict of Interest Rule Guidelines

Chart showing different categories of Conflict of Interest Rules.

Evidence Gathering Guidelines

These guidelines were established to assist USEF Licensed Officials with ensuring the information and evidence collated at a competition will be of value not only throughout an investigation but also within any formal proceedings.

Extension/Reinstatement Request Form

Complete this form if you did not attend a clinic in the year you were due or have not officiated the required number of competitions to renew your license. This form is reviewed and if approved gives you an additional competition year to meet requirements.

Licensing of Officials: Background, Process & Resources

This PowerPoint reviews the background and process behind how/why USEF licenses officials, requirements to become licensed and maintain that license, ethics, and additional resources.

Member's Confidential Evaluations

Member's Evaluation Forms are available for members to evaluate the quality and competence of USEF licensed officials.

Memo: U.S. FEI Endurance Judges, Stewards, Technical Delegates & Organizing Committees

Important Changes to Licensing Maintenance Requirements for U.S. FEI Endurance Judges, Stewards, Technical Delegates at FEI Endurance Events

Memo: U.S. FEI Endurance Veterinarians & Organizing Committees

Important Changes to Licensing Maintenance Requirements for U.S. FEI Endurance Veterinarians at FEI Endurance Events

New/Newly Promoted Officials

List of people approved into USEF training programs, as well as USEF officials granted a new license or promoted to a higher level of licensure by the Licensed Officials Committee. This is the list from the April 2018 meeting.


Discover more about becoming a licensed official