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As a part of our efforts to protect the health of our employees, US Equestrian is working under a flexible work plan for our staff. As we transition to this modified format, there may be interruptions to service. We will do our best to have all services fully functioning as quickly as possible. Customer Care can be reached by emailing [email protected], online chat or leave a voicemail by calling (859) 258-2472. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Competition officials play a vital role in the oversight of US Equestrian Competitions, and work to ensure that all competitions are held in accordance with US Equestrian Rules and Regulations.  The documents below are available to be used by competition management and licensed officials at US Equestrian licensed competitions. 

Questions Regarding Officials at Competitions?

Caroline Jennings
(859) 225-6987, [email protected]
Steward/TD Reporting

Kirstin McCutchan
(859) 225-6982, [email protected]
Accident/Injury Reporting

US Equestrian Licensed Officials Department
(859) 258-2472, [email protected]
Special/Guest Official Cards



Forms and Publications

Disciplinary Action Complaint Fillable Form

This complaint form must be used when filing a Disciplinary Action Complaint. A complaint that is not filed in accordance with Federation Bylaws shall render the filing ineffective and the complaint shall not be considered to have been properly filed. The complaint shall be filed with the Federation Regulation Department at [email protected] Any questions should be directed to the Director, Regulation Department at [email protected]

Return to Competition Medical Release

This form is to be used by Federation athletes who have been assessed to have a possible concussion or apparent head injury. This form must be completed and returned to the Federation per rule GR849.6 to be eligible to return to competition.

2020 Equine Accident/Injury Report Form

Equine Injury or Collapse Report Form, to be completed by Stewards/TD at US Equestrian Competitions

2020 Eventing Accident/Injury Report Form

Accident Injury Report Form, to be completed by TDs at US Equestrian Eventing Competitions

2020 Human Accident/Injury Report Form

Accident Injury Report Form, to be completed by Stewards or TDs at US Equestrian Competitions

2020 Hunter/Jumper Horse Fall Report Form

In the event of a fall of a horse within the competition ring at a Federation licensed Hunter, Jumper or Hunter/Jumper competition, the judge shall notify a steward, regardless of whether an EMT is called, and the steward must include a copy of this form outlining the details of the incident with his/her report to the Federation. If an injury is sustained, this form should accompany the applicable accident/injury form.

2020 US Equestrian Eventing Fall Form

Cross Country Fall Form to be completed by TDs at US Equestrian Eventing Competitions

2020 US Equestrian C1 Steward's Worksheet

Worksheet for C1 Steward's Reports

Guidelines for Submitting C1 Steward Report, Hunter/Jumper Fall Forms, & Accident/Injury Reports

Outline of requirements for submitting the C1 Steward Reports.

2020 US Equestrian C2 Steward's Worksheet

Worksheet for C2 Steward's Reports