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Vesicular Stomatitis (VS) Outbreak Updates (effective 9.1.2023)
US Equestrian Member Services Department will be closed on Wednesday, September 27th from 12-5pm ET. You may email us at member[email protected] or leave a voicemail. Thank you!
Nominations are now open for USEF Independent Director. (Nominations close 9/30/2023.)


Forms and Publications

2023 Awards Categories

2023 Horse of the Year awards categories

2023 Farm/Business Recording

2023 Farm/Business Recording Application

Show Pass Form

Application for USEF Show Pass Form. As of 12/1/2022, only one Show Pass Form is allowed per competition year.

US Equestrian Membership Application

US Equestrian paper Membership Application

Amateur Instructor Registration Form

An amateur is permitted to accept remuneration for teaching riding lessons under the certain conditions which are outlines in GR1306.2b

Amateur Reclassification

Procedure for changing from Professional to Amateur Status

Procedure for declaring Professional Status

Procedure for declaring Professional Status