USEF Show Pass Form

Proof of membership and/or Farm/Business Recording must be made available to Competition Management and the Federation Steward/TD at a competition. Individuals unable to present proof of membership are required to complete this form and pay a Show Pass fee in the amount of $45.00. Points toward USEF Qualifying, Ranking Lists, or Awards Programs can only be accrued by USEF Active or Life members in good standing. In order for points to count toward Federation Horse of the Year Awards, the horse must be owned by an Active Member of the Federation or Recorded Farm/Business. As of 12/1/2022, only one Show Pass Form is allowed per competition year. If you have already submitted a Show Pass Form for the year, a competing membership is required. Please Note: Competing membership is required for Trainers/Coaches, and this includes parents signing as trainers.

If you are competing in anything that requires you to have Amateur status, you must be a competing member in order to have Amateur status and you would not be eligible for a Show Pass. Click Here to purchase an Active or Life USEF membership.

Only competitions beginning in the next 30 days or currently in progress are available for show pass purchase.

In order to complete the USEF Show Pass Form, you must have a USEF Account. Please select an option below.