Welcome to the Horse Services page! The USEF Horse Services department facilitates the processes necessary for participation in USEF competitions. We make the pathway to competition in equestrian sport easy, successful, and fun!


Get ready to compete at USEF shows!

Step 1: Review the USEF Membership Requirements for Horses & Competitors

Step 2: Join USEF

A Competing Membership is required to compete at USEF competitions.

Step 3: Search for your Horse

Find out if your horse is currently recorded with USEF and complete an ownership transfer.

Step 4: Apply/Renew a Horse ID or Recording

Apply for a new horse ID or recording or renew your horse’s existing recording.


Additional Resources


For additional help, use the NEW Horse Services Inquiry form on your My USEF Dashboard. A member of the team will respond to your inquiry within 48 hours.

Forms and Publications

USEF Membership Requirements for Horses & Riders

Understand the USEF membership requirements to compete and/or earn qualifying points for year-end Championship events and awards.

US Equestrian Horse Application

This application can be completed online through your USEF Member Dashboard.

Ownership Transfer & Lease Guide

This guide will assist USEF Members with transferring ownership of their horses and registering leases with the Federation.

Transfer Application

Complete this application on your My USEF Dashboard to transfer ownership of a horse/pony.

Federation Ownership Certification Form

The Federation Ownership Certification form can be use when proper signatures from the current owner of record cannot be obtain. This form can be uploaded via the transfer application on your USEF member dashboard.

Lease Registration Application

This form can be accessed through your USEF Member Dashboard.

Horse Name Change Application

Complete this application to change your horse's name. Adding/removing a suffix/prefix from a horse’s name and correcting the spelling of a horse’s name are FREE! If you are submitting one of these changes, please email [email protected].

Horse Microchip Update

Add or update a microchip to your horse here. To update the microchip of a horse not listed below, please use the "Update Microchips Search".

Update Microchips Search

To update the microchip of a horse not listed on your Dashboard, please use this search page.

H/J & Welsh Measurement Guide

This guide outlines what to expect during your horse/pony's measurement, what you are required to do beforehand, and how to appeal/protest a measurement. This document is specific to Hunter/Jumper and Welsh measurements.