Is Your Child Passionate About Horses?

Sign up for the US Equestrian Kids Club today!

By having your child join the herd and you will receive quarterly emails including:

  • Themed Coloring Pages
  • Fun Activity Pages Centered Around Horses
  • Exciting Activities for Your Child to Do to Learn about Horses
  • An Educational Video Tailored to Your Child’s Learning
  • Fun Facts and Hilarious Jokes
  • & So Much More!


To register your child, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Click Here to Sign up or Sign into your US Equestrian Free Fan Account
  2. Once you log in, go to your US Equestrian Dashboard.
  3. Scroll down to the US Equestrian Stable Stars Tile.
  4. Enter your child’s first name and birth year and submit the information.
  5. Check your email for your welcome materials and print off their official Kids Club certificate!



1. What type of US Equestrian membership do I need to sign my child up for this program?

To have a child in the US Equestrian Free Kids Club, you must have a Free Fan account or USEF membership.

2. Who can participate in the US Equestrian Kids Club?
Any horse-loving kids aged 12 and under can participate. A parent/guardian can sign them up through their US Equestrian Dashboard.

3. Are there any fees associated with this program?

No! The US Equestrian Kids Club is completely FREE to join and to receive the benefits.

4. Can I enroll more than one child in this program?

Yes! We encourage you to enroll each child separately so they can receive their own certificate and fun emails each month!

5. My child is already a (fan/subscriber/competing member) of USEF, but they want to join the kids club as well. Can they do that?

Yes! You can still enroll your child to the Kids Club through your USEF Dashboard even though they already have their own account. 

6. What if I wish to remove my child from the Kids Club?

If you wish to remove your child from the Kids Club, you can do so through your US Equestrian Dashboard under the US Equestrian Stable Stars tile. You may also contact our Member Services Department at (859) 810-8733.  Once we remove your child from the Kids Club, the information that you submitted to us will be deleted from our system.

7. Who can I contact with questions about the Kids Club?

Feel free to speak to one of our Member Services Department agents at (859) 810-8733 and we will help you with all questions about the Kids Club!

Forms and Publications

Coloring Book

Our US Equestrian Coloring Book

Kids Club: Spring 2024

Spring into fun with these themed coloring book pages and activity worksheet!

Kids Club Fall Maze

Download the Fall Maze for Kids Club!

Kids Club Fall Word Search

Download the Fall Kids Club Word Search!

Kids Club: Winter 2023

Download these festive coloring book and activity pages!