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Compliance Department Objective

The USEF Compliance Department was established in 2017 to evaluate competitions for compliance with rules and standards to safeguard horse and human safety and welfare.  Our team works collaboratively with members, licensed officials and organizers to ensure competitions meet and/or exceed USEF requirements and provide a positive experience for both horses and humans.


How is the Compliance Objective Fulfilled?

The Compliance Department identifies and works with organizers to provide the best competitions possible for members and their horses. Our goal is to work collaboratively with competition organizers and officials to find solutions and resolve issues of non-compliance.

The Compliance Department uses a combination of on-site evaluations by department staff, licensed official’s reports and member evaluations to identify issues of non-compliance, and works with organizers to remedy those situations. When issues remain unresolved, they are referred to the USEF Regulations team to recommend further action.


On-Site Evaluations

Compliance staff travel throughout the country to evaluate competitions involving USEF’s affiliated breeds and disciplines, and reviewing the application of USEF rules and standards. While conducting an evaluation, we interact with members, licensed offiicials and competition management.

Each site visit results in a report about the competition’s compliance with USEF rules and standards at the facility and communication with competition management about required actions and improvements. Competitions are selected for on-site compliance evaluations  based on location, rating or level, breed or discipline, as well as:

  • reports of current or previous issues shared by USEF members
  • information included in Steward or Technical Delegate Reports
  • topics identified in consultation with one of the USEF Sport or Competition Departments


Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluations

Reviews of evaluations from members about licensed officials and competitions are an equally important part of our efforts to provide USEF members and their horses with a safe, fair and enjoyable competition experience. All evaluations are reviewed by USEF staff, and we may contact you to obtain further information in order to fully investigate the matter you share with us.  The best method to ensure your voice is heard is to provide your written feedback directly to the USEF. 

We understand that confidentiality could be a concern when considering submitting feedback. For that reason, we cannot stress strongly enough that confidentiality is taken seriously by the USEF Compliance, Competition Services, and Licensed Officials Departments. Your name will not be disclosed unless you grant permission.

Any USEF member can access the Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluation Form located in your member dashboard on the USEF website. You are also welcome to send an email outlining any matters related to rules and competition standards to [email protected].  For either submission, please provide the name and dates of the competition as well as detailed information regarding your concern, including photos, locations and dates of the situation you are sharing.

Please remember that your feedback may include positive experiences or may express concerns you feel should be addressed, and both are equally important to USEF’s understanding about how competitions are going. USEF staff may reach out to the member who submitted the evaluation for clarification, and may also contact competition officials and organizers for more information or to resolve the situation.


How to Submit a Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluation

You can submit a confidential Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluation via your Member Dashboard at or at

NOTE: Including your contact information ensures that we can gather details we might need to proceed. However, sharing your name, member number  and contact information is not essential. 

  1. Log in to your MyUSEF account at the upper right corner of
  2. Scroll down to “Member Tools” and click on the tile labeled “Confidential Competition and Licensed Officials Evaluation”
  3. Provide the Competition ID or competition name and select the competition you attended
  4. Complete the Evaluation

Forms and Publications

Compliance Department Frequently Asked Questions

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