The US Equestrian Licensed Officials Department works to create engaging and interactive learning experiences to help prepare licensed officials for the ever-changing world of equestrian sports. From webinars to online training to in-person clinics, the Federation continues to adapt and integrate new technologies and scholastic techniques to keep clinics stimulating and appealing.

Clinic Schedule

The Upcoming Clinic Schedule, provides the clinic offerings provided by the USEF, FEI and Asociated Affiliates. Dates, locations and links to the clinics are available on the calendar for ease of access.

Pony Measurement Video

This Pony Measurement video is a helpful tool for our new applicants beginning the process to becoming either Category 1 or Category 2 Stewards or as a review for all active Stewards currently in the field. Ms. Jean Kraus goes step-by-step through locating a flat surface to how best to present and record your measurements. Please click here to watch Part 1 and here to watch Part 2.


Forms and Publications

Requirements to Maintain Licenses and Certifications

List of clinic, examination, and officiating requirements for currently licensed officials, broken down by each breed & discipline.

FEI Dressage Course Policy

Criteria used when there is an over-subscription to FEI Dressage Courses.