The 2019 USEF Annual Meeting Registration is now open.

All competitions on the US Equestrian Competition Calendar are licensed or endorsed by US Equestrian. To apply to hold a US Equestrian Competition, the licensee must be registered and obtain a US Equestrian Licensee ID. When a date that has been licensed becomes available, it will be posted on the Federation website for 30 calendar days as an Open Date. Competitions must be conducted in accordance with US Equestrian rules, and held as outlined in the issued License Agreement. Changes to the License Agreement should be submitted within the applicable timeframes outlined in GR3, and submitted in writing via fax, post or mail to the Competition Licensing Department.  

Questions Regarding Competition Licensing?

Katherine Faust
(859) 225-2057, [email protected]
Licensing Hunter/Jumper Competitions

Hannah Gabbard
(859) 225-2079, [email protected]
Licensing all Non-Hunter/Jumper Competitions



Registration of Licensee Form

Apply for or update an existing US Equestrian Licensee Registration

License Application for a Hunter/Jumper Competition

Apply for a US Equestrian Hunter/Jumper Competition

License Application for International Disciplines

Apply for a US Equestrian Driving, Endurance, Eventing , Jumping, Reining, or Vaulting Competition

License Application for a Dressage Competition

Apply for a US Equestrian Licensed/USDF Recognized Competition

License Application for a National Breed or Discipline

Apply for a US Equestrian National Breed or Discipline Competition

License Application for a Special Competition

Apply for a US Equestrian Special Competition

License Change Request Form

Request a change to an existing US Equestrian Licensed Competition.

Competition Lite Application

Application for a new Competition Lite License. Available for Paso Fino, Western Dressage, Saddlebred, Welsh, Morgan, Connemara, Hackney, & Roadster Competitions.

Modification of A Licensee and Issuance of a New License

Apply to transfer an existing US Equestrian Competition to a new US Equestrian Licensee

Application for Heritage Designation

Apply for Heritage Designation for an existing US Equestrian Competition.