All competitions on the US Equestrian Competition Calendar are licensed or endorsed by US Equestrian. The Competition Licensing department upholds the safety and welfare of equestrian sport by facilitating the successful management of safe and fair USEF competitions!

New to competition management?

Read the Competition Management Checklist for important information, rule references, and requirements. Contact the Competition Licensing team for further assistance.

Registration of Licensee

Registration of the licensee is an annual requirement and can be completed on the Competition Dashboard. To apply to hold a US Equestrian Competition, the licensee must be registered and obtain a US Equestrian Licensee ID.

Need to register a NEW Licensee? Read the Licensee Registration Guide for instructions and important information.

License Applications & Competition Renewals

Competitions must be conducted in accordance with US Equestrian rules and held as outlined in the issued License Agreement.

Need to apply for a NEW competition? Read the License Application & Renewal Guide for important information and deadlines.

Lexie Samuels
(859) 225-2023, [email protected]
Hunter/Jumper Competitions
Christina Lockhart
(859) 225-6995, [email protected]
Non-Hunter/Jumper Competitions


For other questions and general inquiries, please email [email protected]


Competition Management Checklist

Use this guide if you are new to managing USEF competitions or need further assistance.

Licensee Registration Guide

This guide can be used to help competition management register, update, or modify a licensee account.

License Application & Renewal Guide

This guide is to help competition management apply for a new competition license or renew an existing competition. This can be done on the Competition Dashboard.

Registration of Licensee Form

Apply for or update an existing US Equestrian Licensee Registration

Modification of A Licensee and Issuance of a New License

Apply to transfer an existing US Equestrian Competition to a new US Equestrian Licensee

Hunter/Jumper Requirements Form

Competition Requirements Form for Hunter/Jumper Competitions.

Hunter/Jumper Requirements Exception Form

Apply for an Exception to Hunter/Jumper Competition Requirements

License Application Dispute From

Any competition license application may dispute the denial of a license application or renewal. In addition, a Mileage Exemption Request applicant and Priority Date Holder(s) may dispute a mileage exemption decision.

2024 Florida First Trimester BOD Resolution Regarding Mileage Exemptions

Resolution to modify the exemption process for 2024 first trimester mileage exemptions in Florida.

2024 California First Trimester Licensing Process

Board of Directors Resolution regarding 2023 California first trimester licensing process for Hunter/Jumper competitions.