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Competition Open Dates

Per GR302.1.g: When a date that has been licensed becomes available (New Open Date), it will be posted on the Federation website for 30 calendar days.

Please note that this is only possible for competitions that cancel at least 60 days in advance. Although a competition may cancel, that date may not be available at a different location due to existing competitions within the mileage. Reasons a date may become available include, but are not limited to:

  1. A competition has not been renewed and/or payment not being received by the Federation in accordance with the application requirements.
  2. Failure of the existing competition to achieve a satisfactory Competition Evaluation.
  3. Licensee is not in “good standing” with the Federation, or any other issues that may be prejudicial to the best interest of the sport.
  4. A cancellation, withdrawal, or revocation of a license.