All competition results and other data as specified by US Equestrian in the license agreement must be electronically transmitted to US Equestrian within 10 days following a licensed competition, including all corrections, changes and additions to the prize list. All results must meet the criteria and format of the US Equestrian result template as published by US Equestrian and must be submitted as outlined in the license agreement and in accordance with GR12.


Contact the Competition Services department via email: [email protected]

Forms and Publications

Results Criteria

Criteria for submitting competition results to US Equestrian. Updated 10/27/2023

2024 Results Template

2024 USEF Results Template with added fields for licensed officials and horse and rider fall reporting

2024 Section Codes in Excel Format

2024 Section Codes in Excel Format. Updated 11/1/2023

2024 Hunter/Jumper Section Codes

202 Hunter/Jumper Section Codes, Updated 10/27/2023

Placing Codes

Codes to be used in the Placing column of the Competition Results.

Class Specification documents can now be found on the Licensed Officials Dashboard

Class specifications used by competition management can now be found on the Licensed Officials Dashboard.