Management of USEF-sanctioned competitions must submit a copy of their official competition prize list for review to the Prize List Department no later than 30 days prior to the competition. 
The prize list must be in accordance with the rules outlined in US Equestrian Rule Book Chapter GR9. 

USEF Prize List Requirements
Checklist for general prize list requirements
Breed/Discipline checklists are below

Federation Page
Required to be in all USEF-sanctioned event prize lists

State Specific Waiver and Release of Liability
Required to be in all USEF-sanctioned event prize lists

Competition Resources 
Visit for USEF logos, banner artwork, and a brand guide


Contact the Competition Services Department via email: [email protected]


Forms and Publications

USEF Show Pass FAQ's

Effective 12/1/2022

State Specific Waiver and Release of Liability

Individual USEF State Waivers

USEF Entry Agreement Fillable - Effective 12/1/2023

USEF Entry Agreement Fillable. Updated 11.16.2023

USEF Entry Agreement PDF - Effective 12/1/2023

USEF Entry Agreement. Updated: 11.16.2023

USEF Lite Entry Agreement - Fillable

This form should be used for all USEF Lite competitions. Updated 08/18/23

Membership Statement

US Equestrian Membership Statement for Prize Lists. Updated 9/1/2023

Motorized Vehicle Statement

Motorized Vehicle Statement for Prize Lists

Federation Page: Full Page, Color

8.5" x 11" ad, full color.

Competition/Licensed Officials Evaluation Poster

Poster for use in show office to link to Competition and Licensed Official Evaluations. The updated poster now includes a QR code that links the member directly to the Competition/Official Evaluation page. In addition to the letter size poster, a half-page poster is available to be printed and cut into slips as a handout.

2024 Checklist of General Prize List Requirements

2024 General Prize List Requirements for US Equestrian Competitions.