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Known as the “Horse America Made,” the American Saddlebred has a long and proud history, from the battlefields of Gettysburg to the bright lights of Madison Square Garden and a tremendous legacy of service in between. Today, the American Saddlebred personifies the ultimate show horse. Proud, upright carriage with neck arched and ears forward, the American Saddlebred dominates the saddle seat disciplines with its elegant and powerful high-stepping action.

In addition to the three typical gaits – walk, trot, and canter – the five-gaited American Saddlebred is known for its distinctive, smooth-riding gaits known as the slow gait (a and the rack. The American Saddlebred’s willing attitude, heart, and bravery make it an equally suitable candidate for disciplines like eventing, combined driving, dressage, and jumping. American Saddlebreds typically stand between 15.1 and 16.3 hands in height and can be of any color ranging from black, bay, grey, and chestnut to palomino and pinto.


Recognized National Affiliate Association

Learn more about the American Saddlebred by visiting the American Saddlebred Horse and Breeders Association (ASHBA) at The mission of ASHBA is to promote, improve, and protect the grace, intelligence, and versatility of the American Saddlebred, and to provide programs and services supporting their members while fostering public awareness of the breed.

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