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US Equestrian Answers Member Questions about Hunter/Jumper Competition Qualification Process

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Nov 18, 2022, 6:25 PM

As the start of the 2023 competition year approaches and new rules come into place, USEF has received feedback from members requesting clarification about the qualification process for the 2023 Devon Horse and Pony Show, Pennsylvania National, Washington International, and the National Horse Show. Additionally, there have been questions raised about how awards separate from prize money affect HOTY standings or qualifications for these competitions.

Earlier this Fall, a Presidential Modification was approved regarding qualification for the 2023 Devon Horse and Pony Show, Pennsylvania National, Washington International, and the National Horse Show. This was done to provide consistency throughout the entire qualifying period for each event, which began in 2022 and will end in 2023. In reviewing the initial communication about this modification, it became apparent that in addition to defining the competition types, more detailed information was necessary to clarify how hunter points will be calculated for qualification.

Included below are the key points for the 2023 qualifying shows (Devon Horse Show, Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Washington International Horse Show, and the National Horse Show). This modification is effective 12/1/22 through the end of the applicable 2023 qualifying period.

  • The qualification formula in place at the start of the qualifying period for these events will remain in use for the entire qualifying period, including both the type of competition and point scale.

  • All hunter, jumper or hunter/jumper competitions will count for qualification purposes for these events.

  • Hunter Division points for these qualifying competitions will be calculated per HJ125, and all points earned during the respective qualifying period will be calculated using the 2022 Hunter Division Increment Chart, contained in the 2022 version of GR1131, not the 2023 version of GR1132.

  • Points are calculated according to the Hunter Division Increment System utilizing a combination of the base points for each placing at each level of section rating and adding one point for each entry that competes in the first performance class. (Exception: where individual classes may be entered (High Performance Hunter, Performance Hunter 3’6”, and Performance Hunter 3’3”) in which case the points will be calculated by the number of entries that competed in each individual class. In the under-saddle classes, points will be calculated on the number of horses entered.

  • There is no modification to the Jumper Division qualification tabulation formula used for these qualifying competitions.

Click here to view the Presidential Modification and related rule references.

2023 USEF HOTY standings are not impacted by this Presidential Modification and will be calculated in accordance with the applicable 2023 rules. Because qualifying lists are not published throughout the qualification period, it is important that competitors interested in qualifying for these events track their qualifying points.

Additionally, in accordance with USEF rules, any money paid out related to series or leading rider awards is not credited towards USEF HOTY standings and is not considered in the qualifying competition formula.

Inquiries can be made to [email protected].