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USEF Announces Two New Member Benefits: Online Horse Transfers and Farm Recordings

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Oct 17, 2017, 3:00 PM EST

As part of our commitment to member service, US Equestrian has launched two new features on for your convenience: online horse transfers and lifetime/annual farm recordings. Online horse transfers are quick and easy through your My USEF account, and lifetime and/or annual farm recordings will allow horse owners to ensure that their horses who compete under a farm or business name will earn points from competition results with other riders or drivers.


Online Transfers

  • Simply log in to your My USEF account and select Transfer Horses under the Horse Options heading.
  • Enter your new horse’s USEF number in the Horse ID field. You can also search by the horse’s name. When using the search option, be sure to verify that you have selected the proper horse, because there may be more than one horse in the database with the same name.
  • After entering the number, you’ll receive notice of the horse’s current status and the amount needed for transfer.
  • You can also upload your bill of sale or signed recording certificate. Please verify that your bill of sale includes the signature of the previously recorded owner. USEF Horse Services staff will review your request and send verification to you once they’ve processed the transfer.

To read the US Equestrian rules regarding transfers, see GR1105 in the US Equestrian Rulebook.


Farm and Business Recordings

Starting with the 2018 competition year, farms or businesses may be recorded on an Annual or Lifetime basis. Farms with a recording prior to December 1, 2017, automatically will receive a Lifetime Recording. For owners who are not competing equestrians themselves, but who own horses that compete in a farm or business name, the farm/business recording allows those horses to earn points in US Equestrian-licensed competitions even if the owner is not an individual member of US Equestrian.

Owners who do ride or drive their own horses in US Equestrian-licensed competitions must still obtain a competing membership with US Equestrian to avoid paying a non-member fee.

In cases of group ownership or partnerships, in order for a horse to earn points, at least one owner—business, farm, or individual—must be a US Equestrian competing member.

To apply for a first-time farm/business recording, visit

  • From the main menu across the top of the home page, hover your cursor over Join USEF.
  • Click Competing Membership from the drop-down menu that appears.
  • Follow the prompts to register.

Annual and Lifetime recording options are available, and for those selecting an annual recording, we also now offer an auto-renewal option for your convenience.


Please note: check with your breed or discipline organization regarding any additional requirements they might have for horses showing in the name of farms or businesses or owned by partnerships.

To read the US Equestrian rules regarding farm/business recordings, see GR1106 in the US Equestrian Rulebook.