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US Equestrian and eVet Announce Joint Partnership to Include Member Perks Benefits

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Feb 5, 2021, 12:00 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. – US Equestrian is pleased to announce the launch of a new sponsorship with eVet, a cloud-based, mobile-friendly data storage platform offering secure access to equine medical records, including vaccination records, Coggins, veterinary records, microchip numbers, and more. Now formally recognized as the official digital vaccination partner of US Equestrian, this collaboration will give US Equestrian members access to eVet’s digital services for all of their horse and veterinary care documentation needs.

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eVet is HIPAA compliant and requires a licensed veterinarian to enter all vaccination information, which ensures the stored data is 100% authenticated. Horse profiles can include documentation of Coggins, photo identification and passport information, and veterinary reports, which can be uploaded by the horse owner, trainer, or veterinarian. Horse owners, farm managers, and trainers can easily create multiple accounts to keep individual horse profiles and data organized and streamlined, increasing the longevity of access to horse information and reducing potential over-vaccination concerns with ownership transfers. Account profiles can also be easily transferred after a sale or ownership transition, ensuring the new owner and their veterinarian have access to past health records.

“Electronic Vet’s partnership with USEF is an exciting step forward for horse show entry and horse health management," says Scott Pickard, CEO of eVet. "eVet has digitized the manual process of managing horse health documentation required for competition entry, transportation, changing of a boarding facility, buy/sell process and general equine document management. This makes the sharing of horse health vaccination records and other health documents easier, immediate, and more secure. We look forward to working with USEF members and doing our part to support improved horse health management and a healthy digital competition entry process.

Once veterinary and vaccination information is entered into an account profile, health compliance certificates can be produced immediately, simplifying access to records for horse shows and commercial transportation. eVet is integrated with several major horse show management software platforms, allowing individual horse accounts and profiles to be linked with online entry systems, immediately validating updated Coggins and vaccination records associated with the account for the horse show office. As well, eVet is integrated to one of the leading equine practice management software programs for veterinarians, allowing for seamless connections to many equine veterinary practices.

“Our partnership with eVet will offer a digitally-efficient and accessible experience for our members as they update and organize their equine medical and health documentation records,” said Bill Moroney, CEO of US Equestrian. “Given the unprecedented times we are facing as a community and industry, secure digital accessibility to information is essential and we are pleased to give our members the opportunity to utilize this technology and service for their record management needs.”

eVet account creation and service renewals will be available through USEF Member Profiles and will be available at a discounted rate for all competing US Equestrian members. To learn more about eVet’s services and technology, please click here.