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US Equestrian Announces New U.S. Endurance FEI Calendar Policies & Procedures

by US Equestrian Communications Department | May 7, 2021, 9:00 AM EST

Lexington, Ky. - On September 29, 2020, the USEF Board of Directors approved the FEI Calendar Policies and Procedures for FEI Endurance competitions within the United States. These policies and procedures will go into effect starting with the 2022 competition calendar.

The aim of these policies and procedures is to produce the most effective U.S. endurance calendar. It is important to note at the outset, that these policies and procedures do not replace the USEF licensing and/or mileage rules.

The policies and procedures document outlines the process by which organizers will need to submit their applications and go through an open review period prior to consideration by the USEF Committees and then potential submission to the FEI.

Applications for events wishing to be submitted to the FEI by October 1 for the following calendar year must be submitted to USEF no later than June 1. Any application received after the June 1 deadline has no guarantee of being submitted to the FEI for the applicable October 1 deadline.

The June 1 deadline allows for the addition of an open review period to the standard approval process. The procedure timeline is as follows:

June 1: Deadline for submission of applications.

June 15 – July 1: Open Review: Proposed calendars are circulated to all OCs that submitted an application. OCs may request modifications, cancellations, or comment on potential areas of concern during the Open Review.

Beginning of August: USEF Endurance Sport Committee reviews calendar. If potential areas of concern are noted by the committee, USEF staff will work with OCs to resolve areas of concern and re-submit the calendar to the USEF Endurance Sport Committee prior to sending the calendar to the USEF International Disciplines Council (IDC) or an IDC Ad Hoc Calendar Group.

September: IDC reviews calendars and makes recommendations to the USEF Board of Directors or an Ad Hoc Calendar Group approved by the USEF Board of Directors. The USEF Board of Directors approves calendars prior to the October 1 submission deadline to the FEI.

To renew an existing competition, log into the licensee account here. Select “Competition Dashboard then “Endurance Application to Host a 2022 USEF/FEI Competition” and select the competition(s) to renew (eligible competitions will populate on the next page).

Online applications are only for renewals. First-time FEI events must be submitted on the paper application found here.

The full Policies and Procedures can be found here.

For questions, please contact Steven Morrissey, Project Director of High Performance Programs, at [email protected].