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US Equestrian Announces Host Sites for 2020 USEF Combined Driving National Championships

Four New Members Added to Driving Sport Committee

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Oct 25, 2019, 12:06 PM EST

Lexington, Ky. – Following a successful 2019 USEF Combined Driving National Championship season, US Equestrian has released the selected host sites for the 2020 USEF Combined Driving National Championships, pending the approval of the US Equestrian Board of Directors. US Equestrian will offer 18 national championship divisions across three events. The following are tentative dates, locations, and divisions of the 2020 USEF Combined Driving National Championships:

Jacob Arnold competes at the 2019 FEI Driving World Championships for Pairs.
Photo Credit: Krisztina Horváth/

USEF Advanced Combined Driving National Championships
Hosted by Live Oak Plantation in conjunction with the Live Oak International CAI2*
Ocala, Fla. | March 4-8, 2020

*Single horse and pony, pair horse and pony, four-in-hand horse and pony

USEF Intermediate Combined Driving National Championships
Hosted by The Horse Park of New Jersey in conjunction with the Garden State CDE
Allentown, N.J. | October 9-11, 2020

*Single horse and pony, pair horse and pony, four-in-hand horse and pony

USEF Preliminary Combined Driving National Championships
Hosted by The Florida Horse Park in conjunction with the Spring Fling CDE
Ocala, Fla. | February 14-16, 2020

*Single horse and pony, pair horse and pony, four-in-hand horse and pony

*Host venues are subject to change should the facility not be able to meet the required standards of a USEF National Championship

“The USEF Combined Driving National Championships are exciting for both organizers and competitors as it allows us the opportunity to give exposure to the different venues and the drivers, which only strengthens the sport,” said Danielle Aamodt, Driving Director for US Equestrian. “While the lower levels are still new to the National Championships, it gives these up-and-coming drivers the chance to experience the pressure and exhilaration of competing for a medal. It has really brought people together; they’re excited for their friends participating at any and all levels.”

In addition, the US Equestrian Board of Directors approved the appointments of the following individuals to the Driving Sport Committee. The committee, which is responsible for overseeing US Equestrian Combined Driving and making recommendations for improving the sport, subject to approval from the US Equestrian Board of Directors and International Disciplines Council, completes its 12-member body, filling the seats originally assigned to affiliate representation. If US Equestrian should recognize a combined driving affiliate in the future, the four seats will return to affiliate representation.

Jacob Arnold (Snow Camp, N.C.): Jacob Arnold has been competing in combined driving competitions since an early age, reaching the elite Advanced and FEI levesl of competition by age 17. He was presented with the 2011 USEF Junior Equestrian of the Year award and has continued to build a strong career in the international spotlight ever since. In 2018, he captured the USEF Advanced Single Horse Combined Driving Reserve National Championship. Arnold has competed on several U.S. Driving Teams at FEI Driving World Championships for Single Horses and Pair Horses and most recently competed as part of the U.S. Driving Team at the 2019 FEI Driving World Championships for Pairs in Drebkau, Germany, concluding a successful European campaign this summer.

Jennifer Matheson (Aiken, S.C.): Matheson is an avid and experienced combined driver, having represented both Canada and the United States in international competitions for the past two decades, including appearances at the FEI Driving World Championships for Ponies in 2013, 2011, and 2005. She was a part of the team that secured bronze at the 2011 FEI Driving World Championships for Ponies and finished in 10th place overall. Matheson has served as chef d’equipe for the U.S. Driving Team on several occasions, most recently at the 2019 Royal Windsor Horse Show CAIO in Windsor, U.K. She was a member of the USEF High Performance Eligible Athlete Pony Committee from 2008-2012 and is the organizer of the long-running Katydid CDE, which has previously hosted USEF National Championship competition.

Marcie Quist (Southern Pines, N.C.): Marcie Quist is an attorney based in Southern Pines, N.C., and is currently stationed abroad in Germany with the United States Armed Forces. Quist has been involved in the sport of combined driving for over 20 years. Quist has participated the combined driving community in a multitude of capacities, including as a competitor, competition official, USEF Combined Driving Judge, American Driving Society Technical Delegate, and FEI Steward. She served as chef d’equipe for the U.S. Para-Driving Team at the FEI Para-Driving World Championships twice. In addition, Quist participated at the US Equestrian Chef d’Equipe Training at Live Oak International in March 2019 before taking on the role for the U.S. Driving Team at the 2019 CHIO Aachen.

Tom Warriner (Ocala, Fla.): Tom Warriner is the current vice president and managing partner of Grand Oaks LLC, also known as Grand Oaks Resort, an equine-inspired resort for sport and corporate retreats. Prior to his affiliation with Grand Oaks Resort, Warriner worked with Biopath Inc., a microbiology manufacturer for bioburden testing equipment in the beverage industry and has nearly 40 years of experience in real-estate marketing. Warriner moved to Ocala, Fla., from Palm Beach County in 2000 and developed Peace River Ranch, a cutting and cow horse breeding and training facility.

“The Driving Sport Committee [DSC] will redirect its focus this year heading into 2020, and while still tasked with overseeing the top level of needs for athletes representing the U.S. internationally, it will also be responsible for developing a plan to address the much-needed growth at the grassroots level,” explained Aamodt. “The DSC is exploring new ways to approach this challenge, and US Equestrian is confident this committee brings the experience and understanding necessary to initiate expansion in the sport. There are many program and budgetary aspects to consider, including defining roles and responsibilities for leadership, supporting and developing new competition opportunities at all levels, and creating a comprehensive pathway program for athletes, horses, and ponies. The DSC members understand and are committed to the need for change as we move into the next year.”

The 2020 USEF Combined Driving National Championship criteria will be announced following final approval from the Board of Directors.  For more information, contact Danielle Aamodt, Director of Driving, at [email protected] or 859-225-2077.

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