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2012 Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3* Commencing Today

by Lindsay McCall for the USPEA | Jan 26, 2012, 6:32 AM EST

Wellington, FL - Para-Equestrian Dressage riders returned to the Jim Brandon Equestrian Center for the 2012 Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*. On Wednesday's schedule was a 3:00 p.m. jog where horses received their F.E.I inspection for the weekend's CPEDI3*. Riders from Bermuda, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, and Canada were on the grounds representing
NTEC Jabriel and Kai Handt jogging in the rain (Photo by Lindsay Y McCall)
NTEC Jabriel and Kai Handt jogging in the rain (Photo by Lindsay Y McCall)
their respective country. In addition to the eleven United States riders who competed at last week's CPEDI3, were two additional riders, 2008 Paralympian Robin Brueckmann with her horse Radetzky and newcomer 14-year-old Sydney Collier of Ann Arbor, MI.

Thirty horse and rider combinations will begin Thursday's Team Test competition at 8:30 a.m. With one championship under their belt, the Para-Equestrian team from Canada will once again face off against the United States. Representing the United States will be Mary Jordan (Grade IV) of Wells, ME aboard Sebastian, Dale Dedrick (Grade II) from Ann Arbor, MI on Bonifatius, Rebecca Hart (Grade II) of Erie, PA aboard Lord Ludger and Jonathan Wentz (Grade Ib) on NTEC Jabriel from Richardson,TX. The United States team will be led by Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen.

As a new Para-Equestrian Dressage competitor Sydney Collier is looking forward to competing at her first CPEDI3*. At the age of seven Sydney was diagnosed with an extremely rare congenital birth defect known as Wyburn - Mason Syndrome. Her determination and love for horses has brought her to her first CPEDI3*. Sydney will be borrowing Para-Equestrian Laurietta Oakleaf's mount Quimerico KF, owned by Joanne Bosma. "Laurietta's horse, Mark, is amazing," expressed Sydney. "Find
USA Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen and Whitney's Willow walking back to barn from the jog in the rain (Photo by Lindsay McCall)
USA Chef d'Equipe Missy Ransehousen and Whitney's Willow walking back to barn from the jog in the rain (Photo by Lindsay McCall)
ing this horse was definitely last minute and I am grateful to borrow Mark from Laurietta. He is a great horse and it really helps that Mark is voice trained due to my limited mobility. He is an exceptional athlete and I am honored to have the ride on him."

The weekend's show schedule begins with Thursday's Team Test, followed by Saturday's Individual Test, finishing with Sunday's Freestyle test and awards ceremony. In addition to the CPEDI3*, the World Dressage Masters presented by Axel Johnson Group and the top dressage horses in the world will compete for $130,000. A total of 15 horses and riders from six countries have accepted invitations to participate in the World Dressage Masters Palm Beach which is the only World Dressage Masters event to take place outside of Europe. The entry list will grow to 17 following the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CDI3* Grand Prix on Thursday, January 26th, when the top two horse and rider combinations from that class will be invited to compete in the WDM CDI5* Grand Prix on Friday.

Riders & Horses Competing at the Wellington Classic Sunshine Challenge CPEDI3*

Grade 1a

1. Laurietta Oakleaf, Niekele fan Busenitz (USA)
2. Kim Decker, Dasher's Destiny (USA)
3. Alexander Mitchell, Guiness Maskell (BER)
4. NTEC Manchada, Mina Chinju (JPN)
5. Jody Schloss, Inspector Rebus (CAN)
6. Robyn Andrews, Fancianna, (CAN)
7. Robyn Andrews, Ravallo Son (CAN)

Grade 1b
1. Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Richter Scale (USA)
2. Jonathan Wentz, NTEC Jabriel (USA)
3. Ashley Gownlock, Fredonia 2, (CAN)
4. Katja Karjalainen, Hidden Creek Jones (FIN)
5. Jaana Kivimaki, Sarona (FIN)

Grade II
1. Rebecca Hart, Lord Ludger (USA)
2. Dale Dedrick, Bonifatius (USA)
3. Margret McIntosh, Idalgo (USA)
4. Elizabeth Pigott, Whitney's Willow (USA)
5 Charlotte Bathlon, Sportsfield Twist (USA)
6. Rebecca Hart, Hugh Knows (USA)
7. Sydney Collier, Quimerico KF (USA)
8. Lauren Barwick, Off To Paris (CAN)
9. Fernanda Otheguy, It's Mr. Merlot (MEX)

Grade III
1. Eleanor Brimmer, Carino H (USA)

Grade IV
1. James Dwyer, Orlando, (IRE)
2. Mary Jordan, Sebastian, (USA)
3. Mary Jordan, P.Sparrow Socks (USA)
5. Robin Brueckmann, Radetzky (USA)
6. Lynne Pool, Vasco E, (CAN)
7. Madison Lawson, McGuire, (CAN)
8. Lynee Pool, Fisbee (CAN)