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Meet Jjs Summer Breeze - and Her Record-Breaking Tail

by Stephanie Doyle | Mar 19, 2011, 11:02 AM EST

Augusta, KS Meet Jjs Summer Breeze, who holds the Guinness Book of World Records title for horse with the longest tail. Editor Stephanie Doyle “interviewed” Summer (via her owner, Crystal Socha). Summer is a registered American Paint Horse and also is registered with the Pinto Horse Association of America.

Just how long is your tail? Currently my tail is 13’6” long. When it was officially measured for the Guinness Book it was 12’6”.

What’s your favorite thing about your tail? My favorite thing about my tail is all the attention. I love attention. When I go to Equifest of Kansas it's not uncommon for my owners to open the stall door and let eight or 10 people or little kids walk in and pet me. I love the people. At times I feel like I'm the Queen of the barn. My owners say I'm the princess, but I'm pretty sure I'm the Queen! I'm sure it makes the other horses jealous. That is until they see how long I have to stand to let my owners wash and redo my tail.

Can you still swat flies? I hate flies. Most times my tail is wrapped in a sock, but I'm able to swat at them pretty well. Because I have so much tail the sock is pretty long, so I do a good job at swatting flies.

How long does it take to brush it all out? From start to finish it takes about two hours. But for me that's ok. Because I'm very patient. And like I said, I love the attention. I especially like it when they use the blow dryer to dry my mane and tail. What can I say, everyone enjoys a day and the salon every once in a while, after all, I am a girl!

Do you ever trip on it? Usually it doesn't get in the way much because my owners keep it tied up in a sock. They pull it out about once every two months or so and wash it, then braid it and put it right back up. When I show, they tie it up and fold it over and over just blow the dock, then wrap black vet tape around it. They leave a little sticking out so it looks like I have a tail. It may not always look the best, but it keeps it from getting stepped on by me or another horse. However, when I do special demonstrations, like I do at Equifest of Kansas every year, my tail is out and flowing. I try not to step on it, but sometimes it’s hard.

What is your favorite hair product? My favorite and only product that my owners use to wash my tail and mane in is Orvus shampoo. It's the best. It keeps my tail soft, yet manageable. And it really cleans the white, including the white on my legs. My owner swears by it. In fact, it's the only shampoo that touches any of the horses in the barn.