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International Jumper Futurity and International Dressage Futurity Inspire Breeder Recognition and Reward

by By Hilltop Farm | Jul 31, 2006, 3:26 AM EST

Breeders have more opportunity to bring recognition to their stallions, mares and offspring through the recent expansion of the International Jumper Futurity (IJF) Program, which now includes the International Dressage Futurity (IDF). The IJF and IDF now provide a platform for the four-year-old, awarding youngsters in sport whose sires have been nominated to the program and whose breeders/owners nominated the individual as a youngster. The IJF's four-year-old program is open to horses who have never competed above 3'9."

Any individual taking part in the competition and achieving two clear rounds will earn $1,000. The IJF will pay the stallion owner $200 for each participating horse and $100 to the nominator of the individual. The IJF four-year-old program takes place at one of three regional five- to seven-year-old Young Jumper Championship finals.The IDF does not actually require a "final" to award the breeders involved. The IDF allows competitors to submit scores from United States Equestrian Federation and International Equestrian Federation (FEI) four-year-old Dressage Horse Tests, either from classes restricted to young horses or from an FEI Test-of-Choice class. Scores must be submitted within two weeks of the competition date.

Horses scoring 8.5 overall or higher earn $1,500 for their nominators. Horses scoring 7.6-8.4 earn $1,000 and those scoring 6.5-7.5 earn $750. $200 is awarded to the stallion owner for every offspring completing the Futurity and $100 to the nominator of the young horse. Nominated horses are eligible for bonus awards if they go on to compete in the FEI five- and six-year-old classes.These exciting programs are wonderful opportunities for the breeding and sport worlds to interface. Breeders and horse owners are encouraged to participate in these events in the hopes that the rewards will be plentiful.