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Need Health Coverage? USEF Membership Can Help!

Find out why U.S. Para Dressage athlete Bea de Lavalette is a believer

by | Nov 16, 2021, 2:37 PM EST

"The rates are better than anything that I have found so far," Paralympian Bea de Lavalette said of the health coverage.
Photo: Leslie Potter/US Equestrian

Did you know your USEF membership can help you get health coverage, even if you have a pre-existing condition? That’s just one of the many great benefits USEF membership offers. 

USEF paid-fan members (to be known "USEF Subscribers" as of Dec. 1, 2021) and competing members can take advantage of guaranteed-issue health benefits at affordable rates similar to employee-sponsored plans. Free fan members aren’t currently eligible for coverage, but upgrading your membership is simple: just click here to upgrade to a $25 paid fan/subscriber membership or $80 competing membership.

USEF’s health benefits program has coverage plans for individuals and small businesses and offers expansive coverage—including medical, dental, vision, and disability options—at highly competitive prices. So it’s no surprise that many members, like U.S. para dressage athlete and Paralympian Bea de Lavalette, are taking advantage.

“In 2020, my trainer and I moved to Florida and started our own training facility,” Bea said. “We found USEF coverage for ourselves and our barn staff. We can add members any time of year, the pharmacy plan is amazing, and the cost options fit every budget. The most important item for me as a para-equestrian? There are no exclusions for pre-existing conditions and we are covered everywhere—even when at out-of-state horse shows!

“USEF members can sign up for the plan any time during the year, and there are options available for vision, dental, and long-term hospital stays,” she added. “The USEF coverage covers all my health care needs. I’m not limited to in-state doctors, meaning I am covered everywhere in the USA when riding at a horse show, training, or on vacation. The rates are better than anything that I have found so far.”

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