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MemberPerk Spotlight: Q & A with Equo’s Steven Bluman

Need to get your horse on the road? The Equo app can help, and US Equestrian members get a discount.

by Equo | May 19, 2020, 4:10 PM EST

This has been a landmark year for a lot of things in our sport, and one of the most positive changes is the tech boom in the industry. Many companies are coming up with innovative ideas to help equestrians live their best lives and meet the future with every advantage possible.

The Equo app, a USEF MemberPerk, is one such innovation: an equine transportation app that makes it easier to get your horse to his destination. 

US Equestrian members get a 15% discount on their first Equo app use and a 5% discount on every trip booked using the Equo app. 

We sat down with Equo CEO and co-founder Steven Bluman to learn more about Equo. 

What is the Equo app and how did you come up with the idea?

The Equo app was the idea of several riders on a drive from New York to Spruce Meadows. We were discussing how difficult and time consuming it was to get quotes for horse trailering. You call a dozen shippers, wait for callbacks, then have to compare quotes. So we decided to work together to create an app that would do it all for you!

How easy is the app to use?

The Equo app has a similar look and feel to other apps people are used to using for their own transportation, like Uber or Expedia. You request a trip for your horse in the same way you would book a ride for yourself.

What are the advantages to using the Equo app?

The Equo app has several features that owners, trainers, and barn managers love. It saves time: quotes are instant, so no more calling around and waiting for multiple quotes. It saves hassle: no posting in Facebook groups looking for ride shares. And all of our transport partners are commercial shipping companies that are fully licensed and insured.

USEF members take the safety of their horses very seriously. What features does the Equo app have that make people feel more comfortable?

The Equo app has a GPS tracking feature and push notifications that enable you to know where your horses are on the road at all times. Our two-way rating system and feedback from app users have taught us that this is very comforting to horse owners and trainers.

Can the app be used for emergency trips?

Yes! We offer three different ride plans: Rush, Planned, and Pool. Rush is for emergencies and trips that need to be booked immediately. Planned is for people who have an idea when they need their horses shipped but have a degree of flexibility. Pool is for trips that can be booked well in advance with a lot of flexibility.

Download the Equo app in the App Store and Google Play or learn more at! And follow us @ridewithequo on Facebook and Instagram.