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Helpful Hints: Checking Your Points

by US Equestrian Communications Department | May 1, 2018, 4:00 PM EST

Have you been receiving emails from US Equestrian asking you to check your points? This is a new feature that we have implemented, giving our members an easier way to keep up with any bad points they may have earned at USEF Competitions!

For every competition, points are split into two categories: “good” and “bad.” Bad points don’t count towards Horse of the Year awards or qualifications for championships or shows. A horse can accumulate bad points for a number of reasons, including not having an active USEF Recording, showing out of its home zone, or showing in a class that requires a minimum number of entries but does not reach that amount.

A bad-points notice is sent to the email address on file for the owner reported at the referenced competition. Each horse that earned bad points under their ownership is listed in the body of the email. By clicking on the horse’s name, you can pull up a limited horse report which will give any reasons for bad points below each class. This email is triggered if a horse earns bad points at a competition for any reason. These emails also go out as soon as the results from the competition are entered, which is often before any documents from the show have been processed. This means that if you renewed your membership, recorded your horse, had the horse or pony measured, or submitted any other documentation at the competition that would affect your points, you will need to allow a few weeks of time for internal processing before the points will appear correctly on the report.

At any point, you may elect to unsubscribe by clicking on the link at the bottom of the email, but keep in mind that this will unsubscribe you from all future points notifications for any of your horses. If you ever wish to re-enroll in the emails or have any specific questions about the Horse Report, our Customer Care Center is happy to assist you over the phone at 859-258-2472, Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.