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Representing the epitome of the modern day show horse, the National Show Horse was originally a combination of the best of two breeds: the Arabian horse and the American Saddlebred. Today, the National Show Horse Registry is a horse representing a combination of the Arabian horse and any other breed, as long as the resulting offspring is at least a Half-Arabian horse.

A typical National Show Horse stands between 14.3 and 16.2 hands in height and can be grey, bay, black, chestnut, and even palomino or pinto in color. Due in large part to their natural upright carriage and lofty animated action, the National Show Horse is predominantly ridden saddle seat in English pleasure and gaited classes, or driven as a fine harness or pleasure driving horse. However, their inherent dynamism, athleticism, and willing disposition make this extremely versatile breed equally successful in a wide variety of classes, including hunter pleasure, Western pleasure, show hack, and dressage.


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Learn more about the National Show Horse breed by visiting the National Show Horse Registry (NSHR) at Since 1989, the purpose of the NSHR has been to promote the breeding and showing of the National Show Horse; to increase its popularity and participation within the general public through innovative programs; to maintain a registry with the highest standards of ethics and commitment; to promote youth and amateur programs; and to encourage and assist all levels of competition and local clubs.

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