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This is for a $1,000,000 Excess Personal Liability policy. Coverage is for claims brought against members of US Equestrian arising from the use and/or ownership of a horse and for horse-related accidents involving bodily injury and property damage. Coverage will apply when engaged in any horse-related activity and coverage is in excess of any existing valid and collectible insurance. There is no deductible. The personal accident policy insures the member for death or permanent disability resulting from an accident anywhere in the world at the following benefit levels: up to $35,000 at a US Equestrian sanctioned event, up to $20,000 while insured is engaged in any horse-related activity worldwide, and up to $3,750 for insured person under the age of 18. 

  • Junior Members: $18
  • Senior Members: $25

For more information: US Equestrian Member Insurance Policy

Call US Equestrian Customer Care for more information at 859-258-2472 or click below to purchase online.