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The Performance Horse Registry (PHR) offers horse owners and breeders the opportunity to obtain identification papers for their horses, record pedigrees and collect performance records—all in one setting. Not only does this provide a place to track success, it also provides an avenue to explore the importance of making breeding decisions. Since the PHR is part of the United States Equestrian Federation, your horses’ records will be part of one of the largest equine databases in the world. 

The Silver Stirrup Awards program is exclusive to horses in the registry. Each year national, regional and state awards are presented to equestrian athletes competing in dressage, dressage sport horse, hunters, hunter breeding, jumpers, eventing and driving. In addition, the program recognizes leading sires, owners and breeders.

The rankings for the American Performance Horse as based on results from USEF licensed competitions. Horses are not required to have a USEF Horse Recording to appear on this list. However, it is required for USEF’s Horse of the Year and the PHR’s Silver Stirrup Award programs. The APH rankings combine all breeds and disciplines. The only requirement is that the horse is bred in the United States.

You can visit the Rankings & Results page to view current Silver Stirrup and American Performance Horse ranking lists.