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Interaction with a horse is an experience that transcends all age groups, lifestyles, and cultures.

The USEF is the National Governing Body for equestrian sport; a responsibility the Federation takes very seriously. The largest multi- breed and discipline organization in equestrian sport, the USEF stewards safe and fair competition across 29 disciplines and breeds.

More than 84,000 members make it possible for USEF to continue the mission on which it was founded – a dedication to 360° of fairness, protecting both equine and human athletes. The Federation is aided in its mission by Recognized Affiliates and Alliance partners, bringing deep expertise across the competitive landscape.

The USEF currently recognizes 11 breeds and 18 disciplines that fall under the Federation’s rules and regulations.

Its sanctioned competitions and programs are also geared to educate, guide and inspire. More than 2,600 licensed competitions, cover the country with opportunities to experience and participate in equestrian sport.

If you are interested in advertising or becoming a sponsor, your inquiries are welcome. There are many time-honored relationships linking businesses with passionate equestrians.

The USEF is dedicated to uniting the equestrian community, honoring achievement, and serving as the guardian of the sport. By having everyone’s voices heard, and by staying informed and participating, we are able to move forward together to promote the beauty of equestrian sport.