The Pan American Games is a major sporting event in the Americas featuring summer sports, in which thousands of athletes participate in a variety of competitions.  One being equestrian sport; which includes the disciplines of Dressage, Eventing and Show Jumping.  The competition is held among athletes from nations of the Americas, every four years in the year before the Summer Olympic Games.  The Pan American Sports Organization (PASO) is the governing body of the Pan American Games movement, whose structure and actions are defined by the Olympic Charter.


July 28-31


August 1-4


August 6-9

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Additional Resources

Lima 2019 Pan American Games Media Kit

Get to know the U.S. Dressage, U.S. Eventing, and U.S. Jumping Teams competing at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games.

Team Anouncement: Lima 2019 U.S. Dressage Team

Nora Batchelder and Faro SQF, Jennifer Baumert and Handsome, Sarah Lockman and First Apple, and Endel Ots and Lucky Strike.

Team Announcement: Lima 2019 U.S. Eventing Team

Boyd Martin and Tsetserleg, Doug Payne and Starr Witness, Tamie Smith and Fleeceworks Royal, and Lynn Symansky and RF Cool Play

Team Announcement Lima 2019 U.S. Jumping Team

Alex Granato and Carlchen W, Eve Jobs and Venue d'Fees des Hazalles, Beezie Madden and Breitling LS, McLain Ward and Contagious, and traveling reserve Lucy Deslauriers and Hester.

Official Event Website: Lima 2019 Pan American Games

Official website for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games

2019 Pan American Games Staff Selection Procedures

Staff Selection Procedures for the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima (PER).

2019 Pan American Games Competition Uniform & Sport Equipment Guidelines

Regulations on logos and branding on clothing and equipment for the 2019 Pan American Games.

U.S. Pan Am Team

Meet the athlete-and-and horse combinations that comprise the U.S. Team for the Lima 2019 Pan American Games