USEF Vaulting Pathways Program - Revised September, 2023 

The goal of the USEF Vaulting Sports Committee is to field the best teams in the world and bring home medals while developing a constant pipeline of young talent for the elite high performance of tomorrow.

This document summarizes the current plans for the Vaulting Pathways Program. It represents input from coaches across the country. As the program unfolds, the Vaulting Director of Performance will assess its effectiveness and make adjustments to the program to better serve our athletes.


What are the benefits of being in the Pathways Program?

There are a number of benefits for vaulters and coaches in the Pathways Program. These include:

  • Individuals, Squad and Pas de Deux training camps held throughout the year. The training camp curriculum will be specifically designed to bring vaulters the most relevant tools at the most relevant time of the season.

  • Online tools for coaches and vaulters to use when setting goals and tracking and assessing performance.

  • Personalized support from the Vaulting Performance Director. This includes annual, online meetings with athlete and coach to review progress, set competition plans and discuss short- and long-term strategies.

  • Resources for coaches including trainings with judges, coaches forums, access to equine experts and tools to design and score routines.

  • Equine and Human Sports Medicine Support through the USEF

  • Priority access to grants. (Grant program is overseen by the Vaulting Sports Committee, not the Vaulting Performance Director.)


How is the Pathways Program structured?

The Pathways program has two levels - Elite and Development. Qualification for these levels is based on scores.

  • Elite vaulters are currently competitive at international competitions and regularly earn scores which would place in the top 5 at major international competitions and Championships.

  • Development vaulters are emerging talent with potential to be elite athletes. Development vaulters regularly earn scores which would place in the top 15 at major international competitions and Championships.


How does an individual, squad or pas de deux qualify for the Pathways Program?

Please click Updated Criteria to review the current criteria for qualifying for the Pathways Program:

The minimum qualifying score is based on the results from Championships and major European CVI’s. They will be reviewed annually by the Vaulting Sports Committee and are subject to change.


How does an individual, squad or pas de deux apply to be in the Pathways Program?

To participate in the Pathways Program, vaulters must submit an application. 


1* application:

Individuals, Squad, PDD: link -


2* and 3* applications:

Individual application: link -

Pas de Deux application: link -

Squad application: link - 


What are the requirements to maintain membership in the Pathways Program?

In addition to meeting the qualifying criteria linked above, participants must meet the following criteria to stay active in the program.

  • Athletes in the Pathways Program must show continued progress towards goals. Athletes who do not show improved results, meet their targets, or are unable to compete due to prolonged injury will be removed from the program.

  • Abide by USEF Code of Conduct.

  • Willingness of athlete to buy in to the aims of the Program including facilitating effective communication between the athletes’ own support staff and the Program / Team support staff

  • Willingness to complete a medical examination and receive a “fit to compete”.

  • Satisfactory veterinary inspection and/or report of a US owned horse

  • Demonstrate involvement with Human SSM Program as available and appropriate.


Are there any wildcards?

For each activity in the Development program, the Vaulting Director of Performance may also give wildcard invitations. (These are also known as subjective or by-assessment invitations.) These invitations will be granted activity-by-activity. (An example of an activity is a training camp, online training session for coaches etc.) A Wildcard participant is invited to an event but is not “in” the program. The subjective criteria used for Wildcards will include the following (non-exhaustive list) criteria;

  • Athlete/squad/ PDD was previously in the Elite program

  • Prior experience in international competitions

  • Performance of the Athlete/squad/ PDD and the perceived ability to progress up the competition levels

  • Young athlete (age 12 - 13)

  • Quality of the athlete’s horse and its perceived ability to progress up the competition levels.

  • Prior WEG experience of the coach or lungeur

  • Squad or PDD which was formed in last 12 months but has potential to compete in next Championships

Wildcards are not available for the Elite Program.


Is the Pathways Program connected to selection for Championships?

No. The Pathways Program is entirely independent from selection for Championships. Membership is not required. Selection for Championships is overseen by the Vaulting Sports Committee per the published Selection Criteria.

Forms and Publications

Application - USEF Vaulting Programs and Pathways (Jrs. and Srs.)


Vaulting Pathways Program (Updated September, 2023)

Criteria for Juniors, Youth and Seniors