Jumping enjoys its place, both nationally and internationally, as one of the most popular and perhaps most recognizable equestrian events, aside from Thoroughbred horse racing.  At its highest competitive level, Jumping is recognized as one of the three Olympic equestrian disciplines alongside both Dressage and Eventing.  Essentially, what pole vaulting, high jump and hurdles are to track and field, Jumping is to equestrian sport.

Spectator friendly and easy to understand, the object for the Jumper is to negotiate a series of obstacles, where emphasis is placed on height and width, and to do so without lowering the height or refusing to jump any of the obstacles. The time taken to complete the course is also a factor.  The Jumping course tests a horse’s athleticism, agility and tractability while simultaneously testing a rider’s precision, accuracy and responsiveness.  Perhaps most importantly, Jumping tests the partnership between horse and rider.

Competitive Jumping has enjoyed immense popularity worldwide since the early 1900s, and the discipline continues to grow.  In today’s show ring, horses and ponies of all sizes and breeds compete in Jumping classes representing varying levels of challenge.  Likewise, classes exist for virtually every level of rider from the child novice to the seasoned international professional.

US Equestrian runs numerous Programs for Jumping riders at all levels.  To learn more about these Programs, please see the information below.


United States Hunter Jumper Association

USEF International Discipline Association

The USHJA, as the National Affiliate for the Hunter/Jumper discipline, promotes the sport and the well-being of its participants, offers broad based education for its members, and provides the framework for the conduct of the sport.

You can visit the United States Hunter Jumper Association at their website:  ushja.org


US Equestrian Jumping Department Contact Information

Lizzy Chesson
[email protected] | 859 225 7689

Jennifer Haydon
[email protected] | 859 225 6911

Erin Keating
[email protected] | 859 225 2036

Nancy Sullivan
[email protected] | 859 225 7687

Lynn Lopez
[email protected] | 859 225 7691

Rachel Denning
[email protected] | 859 225 7688

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