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Program Overview

The FEI Jumping North American Youth Championship for Children, Junior, and Young Rider categories provides an exciting opportunity for riders in these age groups to compete against their peers in a Championship format similar to that of that of international senior Championships like the Olympic Games. Competition in each age category is held over the course of multiple days and features both a Team Competition, with Teams fielded by Zone, and an Individual Competition.  

The categories are as follows:

          Children's Championship (NAChC): athletes FEI ages 12 - 14, fences up to 1.25m                   

          Junior Championship (NAJC): athletes FEI ages, 14 - 18, fences up to 1.40m                 

          Young Rider Championship (NAYRC): athletes FEI ages 16 - 21, fences up to 1.50m     

**New for 2021** 

           Pre-Junior Championship (NAPJC): athletes FEI ages 14-16, fences up to 1.30m 

2021 FEI North American Youth Championships

Great Lakes Equestrian Festival
Traverse City, Michigan

August 10-15, 2021

Important Dates:

Please note the Qualifying Period for the 2020 North American Youth Championships for Jumping will begin September 1, 2020 and conclude June 21, 2021 (exception Zone 10 Junior and Young Rider Trials)

September 1, 2020 - start of qualifying period 

January 15, 2021 - USEF NAYC online applications open

June 21, 2021 - end of qualifying period (exception Zone 10 Young Rider/Junior/Pre-Junior)

June 28, 2021 - last day to earn and submit Certificates of Capability (exception Zone 10 Young Rider/Junior/Pre-Junior)


2020 Standings Lists:

NAYC Children's Standings

NAYC Pre-Junior Standings

NAYC Junior Standings

NAYC Young Rider Standings


Questions?  Contact Erin Keating, USEF Director, Jumping Development Programs, at [email protected].

As an FEI athlete you are subject to Clean Sport anti-doping regulations for both your horses and yourself as an athlete. You and your horses are very likely to be tested. It is your responsibility to ensure you follow these regulations and a guide can be found at:

Additional Resources

2021 Certificate of Capability

2021 Certificate of Capability for NAYC and Prix des States

2021 NAYC Memo to Potential Athletes

This memo outlines anticipated qualifying information for the 2021 FEI North American Youth Championships. Please remember that this information is based on the recommendations of the US Equestrian Jumping Sport Committee and is subject to approval by the USEF Board of Directors and therefore subject to change. Any determined updates and documentation submission will be outlined in the 2021 NAYC Selection Procedures anticipated to be published this Fall.

2021 NAYC Memo to Potential Athletes - Zone 10 Young Riders, Juniors, and Pre-Juniors

This memo outlines anticipated Zone 10 qualifying information for the 2021 FEI North American Youth Championships.

2021NAYC Memo to Potential Zone 10 Children's Athletes

This memo outlines anticipated Zone 10 Children's qualifying information for the 2021 FEI North American Youth Championships.

2019 USEF Chefs Manual Jumping & Dressage

Chef's Manual with information regarding the FEI NAYC.

FEI Age Determination

A guide to determining an athlete's FEI Age, which may be different from USEF age.