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USEF Eventing Watch List

The USEF Eventing Watch List is a list managed by the USEF of horse/rider combinations that have been identified as displaying a pattern of potentially dangerous riding. As a result, they are observed more closely at upcoming competitions. Riders who have been issued either an FEI Eventing Recorded Warning for Dangerous Riding or have been penalized during a competition for Dangerous Riding will be automatically placed on the Watch List. More detailed information on the Eventing Watch List can be found here

FEI Eventing Risk Management

The USEF actively participates in the FEI’s Eventing Risk Management program, which compiles worldwide statistics every year in the interest of eventing safety and horse welfare. Click here to access the full list of resources regarding FEI Eventing Risk Management.

USEF/USEA Joint Cross-Country Course Advisor Program

USEF Course Advisors visit an average of 19 cross country courses each year in an effort to maintain consistent development of course design, education of designers and construction of safe courses.  

USEF Frangible Technology Grant Program - USEA

Organizers of USEF recognized eventing competitions offering Preliminary levels and above are provided with up to $500 in frangible devices. From 2008 to 2013, the USEF provided frangible pins to organizers, and in 2013 the program was expanded to include innovative new technology such as MIM clips and reverse pinning kits. The Frangible Technology Program will transition to USEA in 2020. More information on the program can be found on the USEA Website

USEA/USEF Statistical Analysis

The USEA, with the assistance of the USEF, tracks in detail the number of starters, falls and types of falls each year in the sport of eventing. The statistics demonstrate that the safety initiatives supported by eventing organizations are effectively minimizing risk. While falls will never be eliminated, the organizations are committed to making the sport as safe as possible.

USEA Safety Studies and Research

Equine Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Research Study – This study will concentrate on how efficiently a horse’s cardiovascular and pulmonary systems function when galloping and jumping across country, and will be seeking answers to such questions as: Are our horses hearts working harder now than in the past? Does the short format increase pressures in the lung vessels?

GPS Speed Study – This study aims to monitor horses and riders on the cross-country course to determine the speeds at which the courses are being negotiated using state-of-the-art satellite navigation systems and GPS watches.

Frangible Fence Technology Research Study – The USEA has committed to making a grant to the USEF to cover the first phase of the study into frangible fence technology being conducted by the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. The study will cover the evaluation of jump designs for improved horse and rider safety with a focus on in-field mechanical testing, analysis and design, materials evaluation and construction cost estimation divided into the following tasks.


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