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The 2022 FEI Eventing World Championship will take place at Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA) on September 14-18, 2022.


Questions? Contact Jenni Autry at [email protected] or (859) 225-2052 or Christina Vaughn at [email protected] or (859) 225-6917.

Athletes wishing to file a grievance challenging a denial or threatened denial to participate in competition, please see the Athlete’s Guide to Filing a Grievance Regarding Opportunity to Participate and Grievance Form. For procedural guidance for filing a grievance, please contact Emily Pratt at [email protected]. Please contact the USOPC Athlete Ombudsman Office at (719) 866-5000, or [email protected], or visit for guidance as to the USOPC grievance processes.  

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Potential Selection Trials Memo - 2022 FEI Eventing World Championship

Published March 24, 2021