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Endurance Lite was created as a program with the purpose to assist both athletes and competition organizers in the transition to USEF licensed competitions and to grow the sport of endurance at a national level, the USEF Board of Directors has approved a set of USEF Endurance Lite Rules, which lower certain financial and other barriers to entry for both at athletes and endurance competition organizers interested in participating in USEF sanctioned events, while maintaining a safe and level playing field for all. The USEF Endurance Lite Rules have been drafted using the approved Endurance Rule Chapter with certain amendments having been made.


You will find the approved Endurance Lite Rules below under 'Additional Resources'.  These rules are effective beginning 16th December 2020 and will be reviewed prior to the end of the 2022 USEF competition year.


If you wish to apply to hold a USEF Endurance Lite Competition or have any question regarding obtaining a competition license with the USEF, please contact Kayley Dipert at [email protected]


For questions regarding the USEF Endurance Lite Competition product or rules, please contact Steven Morrissey at [email protected].

Forms and Publications

USEF Endurance Lite Rules

Rules for competitions held under a USEF Endurance Lite competition license.

Pres Mod for Endurance Lite Horse Eligibility

Effective January 20th, 2021.

USEF Endurance Lite FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions of the USEF Endurance Lite program.

Resources for Competition Organizers

Additional information for all competition organizers.

USEF Competition Lite License Application

License application for Endurance Lite competitions.

USEF Endurance Results Form

Results form for USEF Endurance competitions.