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Please see attachments below for documents/forms, applications, notices, templates, and links to pertinent information regarding USEF Driving Competitions. 


If you would like to be added to the Driving Organizer's email list, please contact:

Danielle Aamodt, Director of Driving

[email protected]


Other relevant contacts are listed below, by department:


Katlynn Sacco [email protected] Director

Hannah Gabbard [email protected] Competition Licensing Coordinator

Caroline Jennings [email protected] Competition Reports Coordinator (Processes TD Reports)

Kirstin McCutchan [email protected] Safety Coordinator (Processes Accident/Injury Forms)

Department Email: [email protected]


Kate Sand [email protected] , Director

Jennifer Banks- [email protected] Insurance & Prize Lists- can also answer questions on results.

The rest of my employees can answer any questions regarding prize lists or results.

Steve Curtis [email protected]

Megan Tackett [email protected]

Rebecca Swearingen [email protected]

David Plummer [email protected]

Jennifer Day [email protected]


Any correction to results or updates to the non-member reports can be sent to [email protected].

Prize Lists can be sent to [email protected].

Insurance can be sent to [email protected].

Results can be sent to [email protected].

Forms and Publications

Driving Calendar Policies & Procedures

*NEW* Approved 1/16/2021


Updated frequently

USEF COVID-19 Webinars

Link to published COVID-19 Webinars

USEF Combined Driving entry form

updated 1/2021

USEF Waiver & Release of Liability Agreement

Please sign on the applicable state's form

Driving Organizer EDUCATIONAL PACKET - January 2020

General resources: Processes, Paperwork, Timelines, etc.

Prize List Template for Combined Driving

updated November 2020 - includes updated entry form & waiver and Short Format options

Competition Grant application for Combined Driving

Grant support for USEF licensed CDEs & Short Format Events

USEF Driven Dressage Tests

for Combined Driving

Results Template for Combined Driving

USEF Results Template - follow instructions for each column