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Prior to the Industrial Revolution, the horse and buggy represented the primary mode of public and private transportation. So, it is no surprise that driving has established itself as one of the oldest and most popular disciplines within competitive equestrian sport. Carriage pleasure driving classes pay tribute to this heritage, and the vehicles used in competition are either actual antique or replica carriages of the day. Classes may be divided by type of hitch: single, pair, tandem, unicorn, or four-in-hand, and can be further categorized by the criteria with which they are judged.

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Forms and Publications

Exploring the World of Carriage Pleasure Driving

This webinar was hosted during the 2022 USEF Annual Meeting. The Carriage Pleasure Driving webinar explored the reasons why to join the world of Carriage Pleasure Driving, along with how to become involved with the discipline through both hosting classes as well as exhibiting in them. The webinar also described the workings of the CPD Rules committee and its plans for the future. To view the video, click the link then scroll down to find the "Exploring the World of Carriage Pleasure Driving" video.

Competition Information

Information about competing in carriage pleasure driving with US Equestrian