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The Paso Fino horse reflects its Spanish heritage through its proud carriage, grace, and elegance. Originally a combination of the Andalusian, Spanish Barb, and Spanish Jennet, the Paso Fino horse was initially brought to the Americas by Spanish Conquistadors and centuries of selective breeding produced localized variations of the smooth-gaited horse we see today.

In the United States, the Paso Fino horse represents a blend of the best of the Puerto Rican and Colombian bloodlines. The breed can range in height from 13 to 15.2 hands and is born with a unqiue lateral four-beat gait, which produces a smooth and balanced ride. The Paso Fino exhibits three forward speeds with varying degrees of collection: Classic Fino, Paso Corto, and Paso Largo. Additionally, Paso Finos are capable of executing other gaits natural to horses, including the canter, which makes them versatile, family-oriented horses capable of competing in a wide variety of disciplines.


Recognized National Affiliate Association

Learn more about the Paso Fino breed by visiting the Paso Fino Horse Association (PFHA) at The mission of the PFHA is to protect and maintain the integrity of the Paso Fino registry and the natural characteristics and heritage of the Paso Fino horse, as well as promote and enhance the appeal and versatility of the breed and support member services.

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