The proud, personable, and stalwart Morgan is the first American horse breed. These general-purpose work horses proved indispensible on farms and in the fields, as well as serving as cavalry mounts and artillery horses. The breed also contributed to the formation of other American breeds, including the American Quarter Horse, Standardbred, and American Saddlebred.

Today, the Morgan serves as one of the nation’s top show horses, and the breed’s soundness, power, agility, versatility and stamina make it the choice for many equestrians. Morgans range in height from 14.1 to 15.3 hands, and their color can be bay, black, chestnut, grey, palomino, dun, and buckskin. The breed comprises a large number of entries at combined driving and carriage events. Morgans also excel in many disciplines, including English and Western pleasure, hunter, jumping, dressage, reining, and endurance. 

Recognized National Affiliate Association

Learn more about the Morgan horse by visiting the American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) at The AMHA exists to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the Morgan horse. Today there are approximately 90,000 living Morgans registered with the association, which carries out administration, promotion, and education of the Mogan horse for the benefit of its members and the breed. AMHA serves approximately 7,000 active members, 50 recognized clubs, and 20 youth clubs.

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