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Meet Our Community Outreach Organizations: O.C. Vaulting

by US Equestrian Communications Department | Jan 23, 2024, 9:30 AM

Located in the heart of Orange County, California, O.C. Vaulting fills gaps in services and programming within the equine industry for under-represented and under-served groups daily. O.C. Vaulting is fully operated by volunteer staff, which means they can offer programming that is low-cost or potentially even free. With access to horses in a

metropolitan area--a center point of their mission-- these types of affordable programming allow O.C. Vaulting the opportunity to serve all socially, racially, and economically under-served communities. Programming at O.C. Vaulting includes multiple free exhibitions, demonstrations, "Try-it" vaulting lessons, horsemanship, equine safety, and barn tours as well as classes for local scouts, 4-H, city parks & recreation groups, and many more.  Learn more about Community Outreach Organizations and the USEF Opportunity Fund here.


But what is vaulting? Described as gymnastics and dance performed in harmony on a moving horse, equestrian vaulting teaches balance, strength, coordination, and creativity. Recognized as one of the international disciplines, vaulters can compete individually, in pairs, or as a squad, having up to three team members on the horse at once. Like a gymnastics competition, vaulters are given a score between 0-10 by the judge(s) assessing how well they performed the moves. As the only truly “team” equestrian sport, equestrian vaulting is unique in its ability to truly embrace the teamwork concept. Equestrian vaulting also provides excellent cross-training for other disciplines. Explore Vaulting.