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Updates and important information for the US Equestrian Endurance Community. 

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Clean Sport Letter

Information pertaining to both human and equine anti-doping. Please carefully review and educate yourself as well as your support staff of the changes to the 2017 Prohibited Lists.

FEI Entry System Late Fee Policy

Effective June 15, 2018, the USEF will charge $75 per horse for entries submitted on behalf of an athlete by USEF staff after the Definite Entry Deadline, provided late entries are permitted according to discipline policy, and will be accepted by the OC. The charge will be invoiced to the athlete.

2019 December Endurance Newsletter - Part II

Information on the 2020 FEI Rules

2019 December Endurance Newsletter

Topics include 2019 Year End Awards, 2020 FEI Rule Change Information, and the 2020 World Championship.

2019 November Endurance Newsletter

Topics include the National Championships, 2020 World Championship, and 2020 FEI Rule Change Proposals

2019 July Endurance Newsletter

2019 July Endurance Newsletter

Memo - October 31, 2018

Topics include the Young Rider World Championship, 2019 Membership Reminders, and Clean Sport

Memo - February 9, 2018

Topics include Clean Sport, the FEI WEG, Training Lists, and the 2019 & 2020 FEI Championships .