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Endurance is a long distance sport covering variations in altitude, terrain, and weather that tests the fitness and stamina of the horse as well as the athlete’s discipline and horsemanship skills. Periodic checkpoints occur throughout the competition to ensure the health and fitness of the horse and athlete. Given their ability to meet and master physical challenges, it’s no surprise that Arabians and their close kin dominate in this discipline.



US Equestrian Endurance Program Contact Information


Nicole Zerbee
[email protected] | 859.225.6952


Additional Resources

USEF Endurance Discipline Rules

USEF Endurance Discipline Rules

USEF Endurance Sport Committee Meeting Schedule

Meeting Schedule for the USEF Endurance Sport Committee.

2023 U.S. FEI Calendar

List of 2023 FEI Endurance competitions within the United States. Updated 7th July 2023.

FEI Endurance Calendar Policies and Procedures

This version was approved by the USEF BOD on April 17th, 2023.

Endurance Athlete Services

Information for Competing in a Foreign Country

Membership Requirements

USEF and FEI Membership Requirements for Endurance.

FEI Entry System & Athlete Dashboard

How to declare your FEI entry for competitions held within the U.S.

FEI Entry System Late Fee Policy

Effective June 15, 2018, the USEF will charge $75 per horse for entries submitted on behalf of an athlete by USEF staff after the Definite Entry Deadline, provided late entries are permitted according to discipline policy, and will be accepted by the OC. The charge will be invoiced to the athlete.

FEI Log Sheet

For all 1* and 2* horses competing without a USEF National Passport or FEI Passport