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Endurance is a long distance sport covering variations in altitude, terrain, and weather that tests the fitness and stamina of the horse as well as the athlete’s discipline and horsemanship skills. Periodic checkpoints occur throughout the competition to ensure the health and fitness of the horse and athlete. Given their ability to meet and master physical challenges, it’s no surprise that Arabians and their close kin dominate in this discipline.


American Endurance Ride Conference

USEF International Discipline Association

The American Endurance Ride Conference was founded as a national governing body for long distance riding and over the years has developed a set of rules and guidelines designed to provide a standardized format and strict veterinary controls. In addition to promoting the sport of endurance riding, the AERC encourages the use, protection, and development of equestrian trails, especially those with historic significance. 

You can visit the American Endurance Ride Conference at their website:  aerc.org


US Equestrian Endurance Program Contact Information


Kristen Brett
[email protected] | 859.225.6919



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