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The purpose of the Rules & Equipment information is to assist Athletes as well as USEF Dressage Technical Delegates, Judges and Stewards who officiate Dressage classes at any Federation licensed competition. Athletes and Officials must be knowledgable of and in compliance with the with USEF Dressage and General Rules. 


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Forms and Publications

Annex A - Bits, Saddlery and Equipment

UPDATED 2.20.2018. This Annex reflects changes to FEI rulings that have an impact upon dressage competitions. Additional clarifications and rulings from the USEF Dressage Sport Department are noted and dated.

Combined Nosebands Clarification

Clarification to DR121.2 regarding Combined Nosebands

Dressage Attire and Equipment Booklet

Updated April 30, 2017 - The purpose of this pamphlet is to assist Exhibitors as well as USEF Dressage Technical Delegates, Dressage Judges and Stewards who officiate Dressage classes at any Federation licensed competition. Exhibitors and Officials must be familiar with USEF Dressage Rules DR120 and DR121 in the current USEF Rule Book.

FEI Dressage Tests for Seven Year Olds – Preliminary and Final Tests – at National Competition

The FEI Tests for 7 Year Old Horses are not a part of the qualifying process for any USEF Dressage National Championship

Nose Nets used in National Competition

Effective April 1, 2017, USEF Dressage Rules will allow an approved brand of nose net to be worn in dressage competition in compliance with DR121.9.

Opportunity Classes - Effective February 14, 2014

Important Information on Opportunity Classes

Rulebook - USEF General & Dressage Rules

The USEF Rulebook is designed to delineate boundaries that create an environment for fair and honest competition within which equestrians can enjoy competing safely, with integrity and respect.

USEF Dressage Grand Prix 12-Month Ranking List Criteria

Athlete/horse combinations are named to the USEF Dressage Grand Prix Ranking List (“Ranking List”) based on the criteria outlined in this document.