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The USEF Dressage Seat Medal program celebrates excellence in equitation and strives to develop a solid foundation for future success in the international dressage arena. Youth wishing to qualify for the USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals must compete at USDF/USEF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Final held at Great American/USDF Regional Championships. Riders placing in the top two in the Semi-Finals are automatically invited to the Finals. 

2018 Dressage Seat Medal Finals

Lamplight Equestrian Center | Wayne, IL | August 21-26, 2018


Questions?   Contact Gemma Stobbs

Tentative Schedule; August 21-26, 2018 - Subject to Change

Additional Resources

2018 Qualified List for the Dressage Seat Medal Finals

List of riders who placed in the top two in the Semi-Finals during the 2017 Great American/USDF Regional Championships.

Dressage Seat Equitation Guidelines for Competitors

Qualification requirements for the USDF DSM Semi-Finals & USEF Dressage Seat Medal Finals

Dressage Seat Equitation Score Sheet - Effective December 1, 2014

Not for use in Seat Medal Semi Finals and Finals Classes

Dressage Seat Medal Class Score Sheet - Effective December 1, 2014

For all Semi Finals and Finals Medal Classes

Guidelines for Judging Dressage Seat Equitation Classes

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist in the development of a uniform standard for judging Dressage Seat Equitation (“DSE”) classes.

Suggested Patterns for use in Dressage Seat Equitation Classes

Individual Workouts - All Patterns

Archived Results

2009-2017 Medal Finals Results