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50 Licensed Official Applicants Receive USEF Grants

by Alina Brazzil | May 10, 2023, 5:13 PM

The grant program helps reduce financial barriers for USEF or U.S. FEI officials to complete application requirements related to a new license application or a license promotion.
Photo: Devyn Trethewey/US Equestrian

The USEF has announced grants totaling $19,600 for 50 licensed official applicants as part of a grant program to support the development both of new licensed officials and of higher-level officials.

USEF launched the grant program in 2022 to reduce financial barriers for USEF or U.S. Fédération Équestre Internationale officials to complete application requirements related to a new license application or a license promotion by offsetting travel and clinic or apprenticeship costs. Applicants were active USEF competing members who are currently licensed officials or who have an active licensed official application.

Individuals applied for grants in one of two categories: general grants were considered based on the competition environment need for more, or higher-level, officials and U35 grants will provide support for those under age 35 to become licensed officials or apply for license promotion.

“We are thrilled to have received a 90% increase in grant applications for this year’s licensed official grant offering compared to 2022,” said Alina Brazzil, USEF’s Director of Licensed Officials. “The response further confirms that we are providing valuable support for the development of the licensed official pathway. We are looking forward to hearing how each applicant used their grant funding and what they have learned along the way.

“Offering a grant category dedicated to individuals under the age of 35 is an exciting way for USEF to focus on the future,” she added. “Talent identification and support are key in order to continue the strength of our officiating pool in the U.S. for both national and international officials.”

Are you interested in becoming a licensed official? Review the Become Licensed webpage (usef.org/compete/resources-forms/licensed-officials/become-licensed) for information about the process as well as other grant opportunities offered by the FEI and USEF recognized affiliates and their foundations.