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In today’s world, competitive dressage is recognized as one of the three equestrian Olympic disciplines, and as well, is a method for showcasing all levels of training in a competitive format. Currently, there are nine progressive levels of competition, open to any breed of horse and available for all levels of riders, in which the horse and rider perform compulsory exercises. Special classes such as musical freestyle offer creativity and individual expression for the exhibitors and have become spectator favorites.

US Equestrian Dressage Department Contact Information

To contact the USEF Dressage Department please email, [email protected].

Hallye Griffin, Managing Director of Dressage
[email protected] | 859.225.6949

Kristen Brett, Director of Dressage Programs
[email protected] | 859.225.6919

Laura Roberts, Director of Dressage Performance & Event Support
[email protected] | 859.225.6986

Lauren Moore, Director of Sport Management Administration

[email protected] | 859.225.6922

Brett Edwards, Sport Programs Assistant
[email protected] | 859.225.6918


United States Dressage Federation

USEF International Discipline Association

The United States Dressage Federation is the only national membership organization dedicated to dressage, a method of horse training in existence since ancient Greece and an Olympic sport since the inception of the modern Olympics in the late 1800’s. Dedicated to education, the recognition of achievement, and promotion of dressage, USDF has more than 30 different educational programs, 125 affiliate local or regional clubs, and more than 2000 annual awards for excellence in competition.

You can visit the United States Dressage Federation at their website: