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2024 Program Application

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1) Please select Category as "Hunter"

2) Please select Year as "2024"

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2023 Ranking Lists

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2023 Finals


October 22, 2023
Pennsylvania National Horse Show 


November 11, 2023
National Sunshine Series II


About the Events

The USEF/NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal is a two-phase class with an over fences and a flat portion.  The Finals include an additional bracket-format phase that requires riders to compete on unfamiliar horses in a format similar to that of the National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA).

There are two different regions that will host NCEA Medal Finals: East Coast and West Coast. Both of these Finals is conducted as a three-phase competition.

  • Fences Phase: To be shown over a minimum of eight fences 3' 3” in height, spread not to exceed fence height. The course may be either a Jumper or Hunter type course and must include at least two changes of direction and a combination. Water obstacles and liverpools are not permitted. An open numerical scoring system must be used in the first phase, with each rider's score announced at the completion of their round.
  • Flat Phase: The top 20% or top ten scoring riders, whichever is greater, will return for the flat phase. Judges will test riders on their skills on the flat by asking for demonstration of additional basic dressage movements such as the shoulder in, haunches in, or leg yield.
  • Bracket Phase: The Flat and Fences phase will both count equally in determination of the top 4 riders to return for the Bracket phase to compete on neutral horses. The fourth and first place rider will compete over a course of at least 8 fences on the same horse. The second and third place rider will compete over a course of at least 8 fences on the same horse. The winners of each head to head will compete for the championship and reserve. 


For more information about the NCEA, please visit



Hattie Carter
[email protected]
859 225 2035


Forms and Publications

USEF/NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal 2023 Specifications

Class and Finals specifications for the 2023 USEF/NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal. See also EQ111.

USEF/NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal: How To Apply

A step-by-step description of how to apply for the 2023 USEF/NCEA Junior Hunter Seat Medal program.